SEPTEMBER 28th, 2019


10am 5pm

Foothill Feed and Mercantile LLC • Purple Goddess Design
The Pickled Bakery • Mindful Cupcakes • Upstyle Boutique
Tarzan's Tacos • Clean Coach Carly • Reno Rabbit Rescue
Mountain View Animal Hospital • Custom Ink
Donna Hyatt • SpoonFest • Temple Yoga • Sparkle Yoga


$45 in advance / $54 at the event

Choose the class that calls to you at each of our class times... 


Gentle Yoga with Bunnies with Erik Beardsley

11am  YOGA SPOT 1

No Filter Yoga Flow with Jeyzel Rossi
Expressing your practice without the filter. Trying to let go of that ego that can prevent you from enjoying your practice. In this class you will learn how to practice without looking in a mirror or trying to find a "perfect" pose. Just be you in all your amazing self - unfiltered and real. This class will include breathwork and a flow yoga asana practice.

11am  YOGA SPOT 2

The Loving Community Workshop with Aurelia Faylacawn
"The Loving Community Workshop" is a way for us to reconnect with loving each other. It's based off of the Bebambe South African tribe tradition of forgiveness. When someone has done something wrong they take that person and put them in the middle of the tribe, each person in the tribe then takes turns telling them all the things that they love about them, and all the reasons why they are beautiful. I think we all need a little more love and beauty in our lives, and I can't wait to see all of you beautiful people there!

11am  YOGA SPOT 3

Mellow Movement with Meghan Hundley
In this class, you will learn postures that will stretch tight, nagging muscles! Our bodies respond best to stretches first thing in the morning, before our muscles have been warmed up. The stretches will be moderate to deep and held for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Most of these postures will be seated on the yoga mat, with a downward-facing dog (or two) incorporated into the class. This is an All-Levels class, so whether you're a seasoned yogi or it's your very first yoga class, this class is going to leave you feeling relaxed and limber!


Theta Healing Harmonizing Meditation with Timothy Gay
We all understand that we are body, mind, and spirit. Each of these make up our being on this plane of existence. But while they are a part of our make up, they don't always talk with each other. Our body, mind, and spirit are always impacting each other even if they aren't in communication with one another. In this meditation, you will be guided through a journey with the ThetaHealing® technique to connect each area of our being so they are in constant communication with other, bringing us closer to always being in Oneness.
• • •


Yin Yoga with Bunnies! with Lee Ann Maynard
Slow down, unwind and release tension in this slow and deep practice designed to guide you through Yin Yoga Poses to increase your sense of flexibility and openness. Postures are passive and held for longer periods of time to penetrate deep into the connectives tissues to release tension and open up meridians (energy channels in the body). It is a contemplative practice that trains the body and mind to become more open and aware in a relaxed way. No yoga experience necessary. Come hang out with the Bunnies and Unwind.

2pm  YOGA SPOT 1

Mid-Day Mix-Up with Meghan Hundley
This class is a balance of stretch and strength. In the style of flow, you will learn to engage your breath with each movement and you will learn proper skeletal alignment to encourage a happier, healthier body. Although this class may provide some challenge to our body and mind, All-Levels are encouraged to attend and find the playfulness of ourselves within!

2pm  YOGA SPOT 2

Yoga with Jennifer Wallis of Sparkle Yoga

2pm  YOGA SPOT 3

Feel Good Vinyasa with Erik Beardsley
Feel good vinyasa flow yoga is for all experience levels. Unite body, breath and mind through a series of energizing postures. The class combines music and meditative breath work with yoga poses. Levels of exertion can be modified up or down to meet individual needs. We will build strength, flexibility and balance while being mindful of proper alignment and conclude in a resting pose.


Gamma Breath Activation with RahQuel Achiaviatta
In this gamma breathwork class you will learn how to boost your brain chemistry, activate your pineal gland, access an instant meditation space and feel relaxed yet energized and clear. Gamma is a high frequency brain state in which you can train yourself to focus and manifest in productive ways in your life. You will also learn how you can feel good within minutes with simple breath sequences you can do anytime, anywhere. Namaste!
• • •

3:30pm  YOGA SPOT 1

Yoga-Lates with Jenna Fortuna
"Yoga-lates" is a fusion of Yoga + Pilates. During this 60 min session you will experience an interval training of the two and leave your mat floating.

3:30pm  YOGA SPOT 2

Kids Yoga with Jennifer Wallis of Sparkle Yoga

3:30pm  YOGA SPOT 3

BowSpring Dynamic Movement with Angela Perry
The Bowspring method is part of an emerging paradigm of alignment in functional movement, dance, yoga, and athletics that focuses on developing the natural curves of the body to maximize agility and empowered lightness, alleviating chronic pains. The Bowspring method incorporates precise, mindful movements in set sequences of dynamic postures with powerfully therapeutic breathing exercises.


World Peace Crystal Grid Meditation with Matthew Embrey
• • •

5pm  YOGA SPOT 1

Latín Yoga:  "Expresando mi interior" with Alheli Martinez
Todos los seres humanos sentimos la necesidad de expresar nuestras emociones. Cuando practicamos Yoga logramos conectar el cuerpo con la mente y las emociones, nos hacemos conscientes de que están presentes mediante las posturas de Yoga. Es así como podemos expresarnos libremente, sin jucios y sentirnos libres y completamente relajados. La clase consistirá en vivir la experiencia mediante sensaciones más que en la forma de las posturas.

5pm  YOGA SPOT 2

Yin & Yang Yoga with Kylie Ross
The Yin portion of class is a gentle, quiet, & meditative practice that teaches us to relax & accept ourselves. Through mindful stretching, Yin Yoga maintains the health of the connective tissue and encourages free flow of qi (energy) in the body. Poses are held for longer periods of time and awareness is brought to sensations in the body. The Yang portion of class allows us to integrate this openness and awareness into a sense of steadiness & alignment. Poses will include gentle flow & strengthening poses held for longer periods of time. This class is suitable for all levels.

5pm  YOGA SPOT 3

Gentle Somatic Yoga with Lisa Godenick
Regain sensory awareness and control of your muscles through practicing Somatic Yoga. Lisa teaches yoga with a deep inward focus, encouraging you to pay attention to your own internal sensations so you can relax and ground yourself into your yoga practice. This class will be a slow, hatha class, beginning and ending with somatic movements aimed at reducing muscle tension through the groundbreaking technique of pandiculation. Explore your own movement through Somatic Yoga and learn something new about how you move!


Compassionate Mindful Meditation with Matthew Embrey
This gathering is designed to give you a myriad of wellness tools and offers soul healing moments for everyone. Come for the knowledge, stay for the family and wisdom.  We begin our meditations with an immersive body scan to relax the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.  Next, we work to develop our relationship to perception. Bringing awareness to what we think, feel, and do to create in our lives.  Lastly, we will finish with an embodiment meditation, where we practice actively generating the emotions and feelings of happiness, joy, excitement, wonder, love, and compassion.
• • •

6:30pm  MUSIC AREA

Sound Bath with Cheryl Bowers
Sound healing is the practice of healing the human soul and psyche through high vibrational frequencies with sacred instruments.
Here you will lay, sit or rest comfortably , sinking deep in the vibrations and frequencies of healing sounds, provided by crystal singing bowls, gongs and percussive instruments, as well as chanting and a elk skin hand drum.



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